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Garrett ford


This year Garrett competed with Team USA at the World Games in Abu Dhabi. Garrett won 4 gold medals and even beat out almost all other weight divisions above him. Metals won were in Squat, Benchpress, Deadlift and Overall. Garretts favorite is event is Deadlift, which he can pull up over 500 pounds. He competes in the 83 kg junior class.  

Garrett has met Arnold Schwarzenegger twice and even lifted on stage for Arnold at the Arnold Classic this year. He has been invited back by Arnold for next year, as well, and received an invitation to compete with USA Powerlifting. Garrett has become a model athlete promoting Special Olympics message of the Inclusion Revolution.  He is also an athlete leader in Special Olympics. 

What Garrett did in his weight class has never been done in the history of Special Olympics.

Last year Garrett competed in the USA Games in Seattle, Washington, representing Ohio. He won 3 gold medals in Benchpress, Deadlift, and Overall. He did not compete in Squat due to never competing in squat before.

Garrett hopes that through his accomplishments that others will be inspired. He is striving to prove that it's about ability, not disability.  

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